The right foundation
makes all the difference
Building  a strong foundation of faith and education
We provide a nurturing environment where each child is encouraged to explore, discover, and learn while rooted in Christian principles. We strive to create an atmosphere where faith is seamlessly integrated into daily activities, fostering not only academic growth but also spiritual development. Through our dedicated team, we aim to support families in laying the groundwork for a strong educational journey intertwined with a foundation of unwavering faith.
our values
These four values are central to who we are and what we do
we are christ-centered
Our foundation is rooted in the timeless truth of Jesus. This commitment goes beyond the classroom, shaping every interaction and decision. It establishes an environment where the Gospel is not just preached but reflected in our unwavering dedication to the growth and well-being of each child.
we nurture growth
At the heart of our mission is a steadfast commitment to nurture and support the growth and development of young minds. Kindness and care serve as the fundamental building blocks, creating a positive environment where learning flourishes.
we put our team first
Collaboration is the cornerstone of our approach. We believe that even if you might go faster alone, we go farther together. As we work together to provide the best for our preschoolers, we always put the needs of others before ourselves.
we lead with humility
Excellence is our standard in everything we do, yet humility remains our guiding principle. We approach our work with a commitment to continuous improvement, embracing a teachable spirit. Following the wisdom of Jesus, we hold firm to the belief that true greatness is found in being a servant to all.

We're Building Our Team

We've got a big vision for the future of our school – and that starts with a foundation of great leaders and a passionate staff. Please take a look at our current job openings and apply today.
Lead Preschool Teacher
A passionate leader who can effortlessly blend faith, fun, and education to shape the hearts and minds of our little learners. Beyond lesson planning, you want to craft experiences that help lay the groundwork for a robust foundation in both faith and education. Your creativity and positive attitude can bring life and excitement into any room, and you thrive on finding creative solutions to problems. Self-motivated and a strong communicator, able to build and foster lasting relationships.

Does that sound like you? Join the Foundations Preschool team today, and let's embark on the mission to build a strong foundation for the next generation, all while having a blast doing it!
Tallahassee, FL
Assistant Preschool Teacher
Are you a team player with a keen eye for details? Do you have a passion for ensuring smooth operations and eagerly jump in wherever needed? Your greatest strength is your teachability, and you embrace every opportunity to serve. A strong communicator who thrives on organization, whether it's managing schedules or maintaining an orderly room, you love having everything in its proper place.

If this sounds like you, join the Foundations Preschool team today and be a vital part of creating a safe and welcoming environment for our families.
Tallahassee, FL

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Whether you're a parent seeking to discover more about our upcoming launch or a prospective team member interested in joining us, we'd love to chat and answer any questions you may have.
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